Smartfren Andromax-i AD683G Reviews

Smartfren Andromax-i AD683G
In the event Indocomtech in October-November 2012 and, Smarfren CDMA operator launches new mechanical man smartphone referred to as Smartfren Andromax-i. Still operating with makers from China, Hisense, the smartphone is that the successor Smartfren Andro and Smartfren Andromax.

Smartfren Andromax-i have the model variety AD683G. This latest smartphone hardware has enlarged considerably compared to Andromax. Smartfren Andromax-i use the S4 flower processor 1GHz dual-core processor, Adreno 203 GPU, 4-inch WVGA IPS screen, 4GB of storage, 512 MB RAM, 5MP rear camera and a front one.3 MP optical device camera, FM radio, twin SIM (GSM + CDMA EVDO 2G), and therefore the software system mechanical man frozen dessert Sandwich.

For Andromax-I, Smartfren membandrolnya solely $ one.199 million. If you compare the specs and therefore the worth, this smartphone appearance terribly tempting. however what concerning performance? inspect the complete review simply in TeknoUp - Technology Speaking.

The main specifications:

4-inch WVGA IPS screen (800x480)
S4 flower Processor 1GHz dual-core
4GB Internal Memory
5MP optical device rear camera, 1.3 MP front
Dual SIM on: CDMA EVDO and GSM 2G
Android 4.0.4 frozen dessert Sandwich
Battery 1630mAh

Sales Package:

Data Cables
Standard receiver
Warranty card (Smartfren)
SIM Card Smartfren


Design and Body

Screen size is that the same as Andro Smarfren that is four inches, and therefore the body showed nearly similar. The distinction, from that we tend to compare with Smartfren Andro, Smartfren Andromax-i have a lighter weight. whereas on the face at the highest, Andromax-i place the speaker phone on the tip, or before arch body. The arches create it look additional elegant body, however solely applied to the higher face. If compared with the same old smartphone HTC issued, the arch is typically created on the aspect|top|top side|upside|side|face} and lower side of the body.

In addition to the speakers, there close section proximity sensing element, light-weight sensing element, and a 1.3 MP front camera resolution. to not forget Smarfren brand is additionally gift round the position.

Turning to the left aspect of the body, there area unit solely a volume knob while not a camera shutter button that antecedently existed in Smartfren Andro. whereas on the upside there's an influence button and a three.5 millimetre earphone hole. the facility button and volume is accustomed take a screenshot, merely press the facility button + volume down a couple of moments. On the proper aspect of the body there are not any buttons, and on very cheap of the body there's a microUSB slot and microfon.

At the rear of the body, the rear cowl is formed of components so once the phone is gripped rubber feels to a small degree rough and not slippery. At the highest there's a 5MP resolution camera with optical device, however no flash. At very cheap of the rear cowl there's a brand Hisense and speakers in our position quite match. It's beneath and to a small degree edge is typically obscured by the hand whereas holding the phone, that the sound can start typically restrained.

The impression that we tend to feel once holding Andromax-i is bodynya dilutant and lighter in comparison to 4-inch mechanical man smartphone from its forerunner, Smarfren Andro.

Screen employed in Smarfren Andromax-i capable Smarfren Andro, that may be a 4-inch WVGA (400x800) and IPS manifold. this sort of screen is healthier in comparison to regular TFT digital display screen. The ensuing color appearance sharp, natural and lightweight in comparison to the Super AMOLED. however his purpose of read and a superior level of distinction OLED show kind. WVGA resolution used moderately sufficient to mid-end smartphones.

Some time agone had appeared on the screen Andromax problem-i. From the knowledge we tend to gathered, some users UN agency purchase the handsets within the initial launch older screen freeze. Reportedly, when the computer code update, the bug has been mounted. computer code code that we tend to got from our review telephone set was E667.6.03.00.ID11. whereas the initial launch is reported to wear Andromax-i computer code E667.6.01.00.ID11.


To interface Smartfren Andromax-i is that the default normal mechanical man four.0 frozen dessert Sandwich. ICS Lockscreen normal with AN choice to the proper slide to unlock, and slide to the left for quick access to your camera. whereas the notification bar there area unit ten items quickly toggle settings like Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GPS, brightness, Ringer Mode, Data, Hotspot, Rotate, Sync, aeroplane Mode, and a further menu settings.

On page Homscreen, by default Andromax-i failed to place the applying road and simply place the Google Search at the highest. whereas at very cheap there's a speedy application Dialers, Browser, Menu, Smartfren App Store, and YouTube. The default wallpaper used is illustrated Smartfren and brand. Wallpaper is wrapped in red. additionally to wallpaper, Andromax-i has thirteen wallpapers embrace default wallpaper and an image of the organism Smartfren (Huey).

If you visit the most menu, that is visible interface ICs generally with a black background. thereon there's a class of applications and widgets, and shortcuts Google Play Store. Icon application consists of four columns and five rows. For the transition result once entered into the most menu may be a zoom-in and zoom-out. whereas the transition result scrol application is shifted to the aspect.


Input Text, Contacts, and electronic messaging

For text infput technique, there's solely mechanical man keyboard and Google voice writing. options normal rather like the auto-capitalization, vibrate and sound for the feedback, auto-correction so on. A 4-inch screen that creates Andromax-i still simple to use writing with one hand.

The menu is extremely normal mechanical man contacts, teams and favorites area unit for easy grouping your friends. like different mechanical man devices you'll be able to set your contacts together with your Gmail account, Facebook, Twitter. for brand new contacts, some extra fields that may be designated is that the ringtone, IM, Email, Postal, Organization, Notes, Nickname, web site and web decision.

Given Andromax-i may be a dual-SIM phone, the electronic messaging menu there's a fast thanks to send a message. The Send button is in electronic messaging equipped 2, specifically C send to send a message through CDMA SIM, and G send to send messages via a GSM SIM. For email applications, provided regular Gmail and Email. whereas instant electronic messaging applications offered and Google speak mig33.

Taping Camera and Video

As with the center category smartphones, Smarfren Andromax-i equipped with 2 cameras. the most camera is behind a resolution of 5MP with optical device and no flash. whereas a resolution of one.3 MP front camera while not optical device. Default camera application doesn't have several options, solely options that area unit common options of mechanical man ICS while not extra effects. The camera has AN ISO vary of one hundred -800, choice-making 1-5MP, white balance, contrast, and don't miss the panorama mode. For the photograph shoot, the search targeted just by touching the screen (touch to focus). This phone doesn't give a physical shutter button.

Photo from the experiments we tend to did, the image appearance pretty smart. the mix of the colour created is additionally fairly normal, therefore any results sharpness and noise generated. once shooting in smart lighting conditions, the results is thought of quite satisfactory. however to capture low-light objects, dark results. For the front camera was conjointly somewhat less smart results, particularly in low-light conditions. This camera options a picture stabilizer isn't fastened.

To switch to video mode, merely press the menu on very cheap right corner. There area unit panorama mode, the camera photos, and video. In video mode, there's a alternative of video quality choices QCII, QVGA, CIF, and VGA. As for white balance possibility provided a similar image mode, ie Auto, Incandescent, Daylight, Fluorescent, and Cloudy. whereas within the Image menu settings, there's a alternative of storage position, the video encoder (H264/MPEG4), audio encoder (AAC / AMRNB), and therefore the video period is up to half-hour.

From the experimental results video we tend to did, the results of the recording is merely capable of up to VGA resolution. As for framrate fairly swimmingly and standards. however the movement of sunshine appear broken. The ensuing color is additionally quite normal. concentrate on fashion this video we tend to found solely fix the main focus solely.


Photo Gallery

View the photograph gallery Andromax-i use the quality mechanical man four.0. The photos is sorted by album, Locations, and Times. within the higher right corner of the shape is provided road camera button for taking photos. once you sign on to AN album, within the higher right corner there's the Play button to open the photograph slide show mechanically. To facilitate sharing, sharing road keys also are offered to Facebook apps, Bluetooth, Picasa, and more.

Video Player

Smarfren Andromax-i have a default video player application. we tend to conjointly tried his ability to play many differing types of video resolution and format. the primary video MP4 format with a resolution of 1920x1080, and therefore the result video cannot be vie. Second video and still resolution 1280x720 MP4 format, video is vie, however the results broken. The third video format MKV 1280x720 resolution, the result's the video cannot be vie. The fourth video format WMV 1920x1080p resolution, video results can also not be vie. The last video we tend to tried was the AVI format 624x352 resolution, the result's the video is vie swimmingly.

Some of the videos cannot be vie is overcome by putting in a third-party video player application like flux unit Player, of course, by victimisation the software package cryptography of application.


Music and FM Radio

For the music player, Smartfren Andromax-i embedded applications the default music player. Provided some classes like Songs, Artists, Albums, and Genres. you furthermore mght will produce their own listing with a range of songs to suit style. additionally, provided the equalizer that may alter effect. Some Equalizer provided is Classical, Dance, Flat, Folk, significant Metal, Hip Hop, Jazz, Rock and additional.

The sound created by the speaker is fairly normal. If music is fidgeting with a awfully high volume, the sound that comes out goes to sound to a small degree broken. whereas the standard of the bass is additionally fairly standard. often we tend to encounter stammering once taking part in music.

To complete the dish music, Andromax-i provides FM radio. you'll be able to activate the radio once the try the receiver to the phone. The receiver conjointly acts as a receiving antenna. show the radio application is fairly straightforward. an oversized variety of frequencies displayed ahead of the most page. you'll be able to save your favorite channels for straightforward channel switch. If you would like to pay attention to the radio along, merely switch the loud-speakers within the high left corner.

Andromax Connectivity

CDMA200 1x-EVDO Rev A + GSM 2G (voice and SMS solely, not for data)
Dual active SIM-on
Wi-Fi 802.11 b / g / n, DLNA, Wi-Fi hotspot capability / tethering
Bluetooth three.0 A2DP Support
Micro SDHC slot up to 32GB
Slot small USB


Web Browser

Browser in Smartfren Andromax-i by default displays the positioning home page Smartfren reward. The browser is ready to open up to sixteen tabs at the same time. once we tried to open some sites, the zoom-in and zoom-out is distributed swimmingly. we tend to conjointly tried the video content offered on the web site YouTube. The result's a video capable of taking part in swimmingly through the browser. From the results of HTML5 tests, recorded a score of 314 and fourteen bonus points.


Benchmark Results

Bencmark v3.0.2 AnTuTu: 5746
NenaMark 2.4: 32.4
Quadrant Standard: 2829
MultiTouch Tester: five
CamSpeed: 689 shutter time, 1073 Image Time, 1547 Focus Time
SunSpider: 1944.9 ms
Sensor: 3-Axis Accelerator, MMC328X, magazine & command jazz group Orientation sensing element, Proximity sensing element, light-weight sensing element

Battery Life

Battery Andromax-i kind Li-ion 1630mAh capability, a similar as Andro. From the results of the employment throughout the review, the battery is sort of powerful. Our review did on conditions: SIM card CDMA 1x, GSM while not SIM card, whereas the web affiliation create use of Wi-Fi. As a result, the phone will last all day simply one charge, predictions concerning 15-20 hours. Of battery life could vary looking on conditions like the temperature within the neighborhood of the phone, the signal, and use.

In our opinion, the battery capability is a smaller amount nice. as a result of the screen used is massive enough, and if the 2 at the same time active SIM Card.


With a worth of USD one.199 million, Smarfren Andromax-i we predict the smartphone price afraid. in comparison to different smartphones, the worth of but $ one.2 million usually have solely a single-core processor and 4-inch screen below. that is not the most purpose therefore, Andromax-i have a twin SIM feature on. the primary slot is stuffed by a CDMA EVDO network (network latched Smarfren), whereas the opposite slots is stuffed with a GSM network. though there's GSM, this slot cannot be accustomed access information. So, we predict this phone is superior within the budget of Rp one.2 to 1.7 million.


Prices area unit reasonable
1GHz dual-core processor
Dual SIM on CDMA EVDO + GSM (2G)
5MP optical device camera
Bonus + bonus starter pack Smartfren web (provided)


No camera semiconductor diode
Battery capability isn't sufficiently big
Previously had hassle with screen freezes, however reportedly has been resolved with a computer code update
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